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Adult's Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient BH Clinics

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. When that happens, people need someone to listen and to provide support. Since 1967, Communicare has had a reputation for maintaining competent and caring staff. Outpatient therapy services, including individual, group or family sessions, are offered at each of our clinic locations. Our clinics also offer alcohol and drug counseling, marital counseling, psychiatric care, and school based services. We are your community source for behavioral health care. Find out more information on Adult's Behavioral Health Services.

Harmful use of alcohol or other drugs interferes with health, work, and relationships with family and friends. Untreated, the problem can get worse, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Communicare has a variety of programs, designed to realistically meet the needs of those looking for help. Our programs focus on recovery and a smooth transition back to a normal life.

Toll-free access telephone number to schedule an appointment at any clinic location: (888) 344-8066.

Illness Management and Recovery Program

The IMR Program is an organized intensive treatment program offering a combination of clinically enhanced services.  The service consists of group therapy two days per week as a less restrictive alternative to inpatient/residential treatment and provides a stable environment for the complex behavioral health needs of consumers with severe mental illness.  Specific treatment focus includes Supported Employment, Cognitive-Behavioral Processing Group, Life Skills-Building Group and Illness Management led by a clinical practitioner.  This program is offered in each of our eight clinic locations.

Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit

Behavioral Health Emergencies don’t always happen between 9 and 5. When immediate attention is needed, the Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU) is a 24-hour alternative to hospitalization. Our staff is available to assist behavioral health consumers through a time of crisis and help them return to their normal routine. Our treatment team focuses on linking the consumer with community resources and returning them to their home as quickly as possible.

Residential Placements

Two apartment complexes are available for adults with behavioral health who are able to live independently. These complexes are located in Elizabethtown and Bardstown. Applications are accepted from individuals regardless of county of residence.

Community Medications Support Program (CMSP)

Adults with severe behavioral healthand children with emotional disabilities who have no other means of obtaining needed psychotropic and neuroleptic medications may receive support from the CMSP.

Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Case Management

SMI Case Management offers support to adults with severe behavioral health by providing identification and access to resources and services that may enhance his/her quality of life. It provides support in a variety of tangible ways, tailored to the client for the purpose of promoting empowerment and dignity in every day living.

Hardin Memorial Hospital – Lifespring Unit Medical Coverage

Through a partnership with Hardin Memorial Hospital, Communicare is able to provide in-patient psychiatric care to all consumers within our region. This program has been recognized by the National Alliance on Behavioral Health and Eli Lilly as a recipient of the annual “Heroes in the Fight” award, which celebrates dignity, courage, hope, and recovery in the treatment of people with severe and persistent behavioral health within specific local or state communities.

Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR)

Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) provides evaluations as required by the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 for all people residing in or seeking nursing home placement who have a diagnosis of either behavioral health, developmental disabilities or a related condition (severe chronic disability that results in impairment of general intellectual functioning). This evaluation ensures that individuals with these diagnoses are appropriate for nursing home care and that their behavioral health and developmental disability needs will be met while they reside in that facility.

Emergency Services

Adult consumers in the Lincoln Trail Region may receive 24-hour emergency services in the form of On-Call Mental Inquest Warrant evaluations; linkages to in-patient psychiatric units (Hardin Memorial Hospital: Lifespring Unit and Central State Hospital); Jail Triage On-Call Consultation and Disaster/ Emergency Response. This program also provides education and training on legal issues related to behavioral health to Communicare staff, consumers, consumer families and other persons in a position of support and external agencies.

Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Services

Outpatient alcohol and drug services are available to adults and adolescents in most clinic locations. Services include chemical dependency assessments; individual, group, and family therapy; family counseling; specialized services for women; specialized non-assistance programming for teens; intensive outpatient programming for adults; co-dependency treatment; aftercare services; consultation, education, and referral services; and specialized 12-step programming for persons with mental illness.

Substance Abuse Transitional Housing


Women’s Transitional Housing Program, involving subsidized housing (11 units) for chemically dependent women located in Hardin County. Admission criteria includes: Kentucky resident over the age of 18; homeless; have demonstrated self-acknowledgment of a chemical dependency problem; a limited annual income; have received chemical dependency treatment within the past six months prior to application, and have maintained 30 days of sobriety prior to admission. An on-site caseworker is assigned to assist with educational sessions to help clients continue with a healthy drug/alcohol free lifestyle.

Regional Prevention Center

The RPC provides Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) prevention services through consultation, education/training, technical assistance, information distribution, policy development, community mobilization, environmental strategies, and offers a variety of ATOD resources that are available for public use. Groups who utilize services include, but are not limited to, youth, adults, county anti-drug coalitions, Regional Champions Coalition, school systems and community members. Prevention Specialists also offer specialized services for court-referred youth and offers educational opportunities for pregnant women.

Adolescent Recovery Center (ARC)

At ARC, we utilize a multidisciplinary treatment team approach to include APRN, nurses, psychologists, CADC, therapists, case managers, and peer support specialists in collaboration with community partners. Educations Instruction on-site by certified teachers from Hardin County Schools. Aftercare through continuation of The 7 Challenges program via outpatient services in the adolescent’s county of residence.

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