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Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Communicare provides a broad spectrum of services aimed to support individuals with developmental disabilities and intellectual disabilities to remain and become a vital part of their communities. This mission of normalization has received praise at both the local and state levels and has allowed Communicare to maintain a long history of quality service for these individuals. A variety of programs are offered to individuals with Developmental Disabilities/ Intellectual Disability who meet criteria (age of onset of disability is before age 21).

Community Habilitation and Vocational Services

Developmental Disabilities don’t have to prevent a person from leading a full life. The intent of these programs is to provide a sense of normalcy to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Consumers of these services report to a workshop in their community, where they are often employed through contract work from local businesses. These consumers are held to production standards and earn a paycheck for the work that they perform. These programs are available in Hardin, Nelson, Washington, Marion, Grayson, Breckinridge and Meade counties.

Staffed Residence

For individuals with Developmental Disabilities who are not capable of living entirely on their own, we offer residential supports in a 3-bedroom group home. An on-site supervisor is available to assist consumers in these facilities. Programs are located throughout the region according to need.

Group Homes

Residential Supports provided to eight individuals with Developmental Disability or a Intellectual Disability over the age of 22 in an eight-bedroom home. Group homes are located throughout the region, according to need.

Adult Foster Care (AFC)

Developed as an alternative to other residential programs, the AFC homes are provided to individuals with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities who want the experience of being an active part of a family home. They are matched with a host family, according to their individual needs, with the understanding that they will take part in all of the family’s activities. This program has received high praise from both the participating consumer and from the families who have opened their homes as providers.

Semi-Independent Living Apartments

Residential Supports provided in an independent living situation with minimal supervision. Nelson County is currently the only county with this type of residential supports.

Supports for Community Living (SCL)

This program is a Medicaid waiver program which provides supports to individuals over the age of 21 with Developmental Disability or a Intellectual Disability. Individuals must meet the criteria to reside in an Intermediate Care Facility, but choose to receive services and supports within the community in order to be eligible for this program. This program offers a variety of services and supports paid by Medicaid to approximately 97 individuals across the region.

Crisis Response/Prevention Program

This program provides temporary supports and services to individuals who have a history of crises episodes. The most common support provided through this program is emergency respite. An ancillary support for individuals who meet criteria is Communicare’s Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit.

Pre-Admission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Specialized Services

This program provides services to individuals of any age across the region with Developmental Disability/Intellectual Disability residing in a nursing home. This program takes a person-centered approach to developing a plan to make an individual’s life more meaningful while residing at a nursing facility.

Supported Employment Program (the Employment Connection):

This program assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community. The coordinator of this program and a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation determines eligibility. This program is based out of the DIDD’s Administrative Office in Elizabethtown, but serves individuals across the region.

Hart Supported Living

This program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals who need ongoing financial help to remain in their home or to be more independent. The program offers two types of funding; either one-time purchases such as home modifications or adaptive equipment or on-going purchases such as respite and transportation. A coordinator and council member review applications and score them based on the needs of the applicants and the amount of funds available.

New Specialized Crisis Program

This program provides extraordinary crisis supports, in that other supports have been attempted or exhausted prior to referral. This program provides mobile crisis response and a 24 hour crisis hotline. This program serves individuals who are 18 and over with a MR/DD diagnosis and experiencing an immediate crisis as determined by a crisis rating scale specified by the Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Services.

Direct Care Services

This program provides supports and services to individuals of any age across the region with Developmental or Intellectual Disability (age of onset of disability is before age 22). A person-centered approach is applied in developing a plan to make a person’s life more meaningful and more independent. This program has the flexibility to provide the supports necessary for an individual living in their communities with minimal supports.

Michelle P Waiver (MPW)

MPW was developed in response to a lawsuit between Protection and Advocacy (P&A) and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS). This lawsuit was filed in Federal Court in 2002 and an amended settlement agreement was approved in Federal Court in 2008. MPW is a waiver that offers individuals with an intellectual or other developmental disability, non-residential services to remain in their community.

Consumer Directed Option (CDO)/Participant Directed Services (PDS)

CDO allows waiver eligible members to choose providers for their non-medical waiver services, allowing them greater freedom of choice, flexibility and control over their supports and services. Members can choose to self direct all or some of their non-medical waiver services.

24 Hour MRDD Crisis Line: 1-866-458-0615

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